Born of Boredom or Really Just Bored with Black


Should I get more color at the expense of a basic black bbag???

  1. Keep the 05 Black Work

  2. Keep the 05 Black City

  3. Keep them both and Wait for SS08

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  1. OK, I am technically on vacation this week :tup:

    and maybe my brain is just bored, or maybe I am really wanting to diversify and I finally have some clarity to try and suss this out:

    I have two black and am dying for some COLOR in bbags:yahoo:

    Here is my family -- and I have a Magenta Shoulder coming :graucho:

    05 White Work
    06 Grenat Work
    05 Black Work
    05 Black City

    06 Rouille City
    06 Cornflower Oval
    05 Magenta Shoulder -en route:heart:

    So should I diversify and divest myself of a black and if so which one should I keep????
  2. Beautiful black city:

  3. Beautiful Black Work:

  4. keep those beautiful babies!
  5. you're just bored - keep both. oh, and you're crazy too!!!! you will be kicking yourself if you sell either one. just write this one off as a temporary lapse of sanity!
  6. Ok I am the queen of black bags but I couldn't justify keeping both of those ... but OMG they are GORGEOUS!!! Good Luck with that one!
  7. The leather on both bags are TDF. But if you need to let go of one so you can finanace another bbag purchase, then I think the work is less versatile than the city.
  8. hi hmwe! I say let go of the city. The black work seems to be one of your faves and the city will always be there and available (07 leather seems pretty great). If you think you use the work far more, for instance, that would be another reason to diversify. Bbags are here for us to love and pet and admire in many colors... :heart:
  9. That is a tough choice but the leather is so good on these two bags I vote to keep them and buy something from SS08
  10. hMmm... this is a hard one. I'd say.. keep the bag that you find yourself using most of. The work vs the city, then go from there. You do have the coveted 05' bBags in awesome condition. But, I say hold off until you find somthing that really knocks your socks off. :yes:
  11. Brun, Nic, I do love them both but I am dying for something new and am BROKE

    Queen, Anu, Belle, they are both gorgey and the leather is equally TDF but I find myself reaching for my Rouille City every time I go out since it's sooo bright and pretty :yes:

    NW, sigh you know how bad I am about saving my money :shame:
  12. Oogie, my trouble is there are like FOUR bags that I am DYING to own RIGHT NOW!!!!
  13. LOL D! You're too funny, girl. This is something I'd been asking myself since July, I wanted to sell some of my black bags. stupid black MJ bag went and broke on me while I was at NM Las Vegas so I was "forced" to buy a Bbag to replace it. I didn't go for black...but went with Plomb. Which we all know is pretty darn close to black right? Now I'm contemplating another Black Brief! The point is, a gal can never have too many black bags. Bbags in particular. I have a friend who has three 05 black cities because she doesn't ever want to be without one. She's got two in her closet here in SF, and one in her closet in Hong Kong. She says she'll never part with them, they're too fab. I agree. The Work and City aren't similar at all in my eyes, they look so different! One is nice and roomy for work and travel. The other is great for shopping and nights out. Besides that fact, they're 05 and what looks to be mint condition! That's a bit rare to find nowadays. Hold on to those beauties!

    I've seen your Rouille IRL and it is FABBY GORGEOUS! Pops of color are always good in my book, but I get tired of color easily and find myself reaching for the basics soon enough. That said, it really is up to you after all. In the end, you know what's best for your closet! =) Good luck with your hard decision, darling dear!
  14. I would suggest keeping the black city because it is so versatile and divesting the black work. They are both great, but similar. The divestiture would allow you to branch out into some great new colors.
  15. ^^^ I was going to say if you can afford to keep them AND buy more go for it! But, yeah in that case let one go and buy one you will USE!!!
    Which one do you use more???