boring bag lady needs help- mc eliza? mc shirley? pomme roxbury?


mc eliza? mc shirley? pomme roxbury?

  1. mc eliza?

  2. mc shirley?

  3. pomme roxbury?

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  1. i am a plain jane when it comes to bags. i usually go for classics. BUT i am up for some lv shopping on apr 25. so i decided that this time i will get a fun bag. i'm choosing among the white mc eliza, white mc shirley or the pomme roxbury. which do you guys prefer? i like them all equally. i normally wouldn't buy an mc purse but i think a small sized one would be fine. :confused1: i also have seen all of them IRL and now i'm having a difficult time choosing. help!
  2. hi i like white mc shirley best, follow by pomme roxbury and than white mc eliza. shirley is always a cute bag and so pretty with casual or dress up. pomme roxbury is good as that the color is going away soon so it'll be more unique down the road, eliza is the more practical choice i feel among the 3 for the capacity :smile:. congrates on a soon new bag! :nuts:

    oops sorry i vote eliza by mistake
  3. My fave of the 3 you have listed is the MC Shirley. I do prefer the black MC personally, but a white Shirley would be beautiful too.
  4. I see you got the Pomme Ludlow (lucky lady- LOVE that color and wallet!)

    I'd say go for the shirley- it's WAY too cute!!!!
  5. Frozen_Alaska, yes the pomme ludlow is lovely! perfect for my going out at night bags that are really not that big.
  6. 1st pick is black MC Shirley, second pomme roxbury!
  7. pomme roxbury for me
  8. i say a white shirley...cant wait to see pics!
  9. I have the shirley and it holds nearly nothing and is aggravating getting into. I think the best bet would be the eliza. Personally I think you'd get more use out of white MC than pomme.
  10. Def. MC White Shirley :smile:
  11. I think you should get the Pomme Roxbury. ;)
  12. Argh, that's tough... all of them are gorgeous, but I'm torn between the Roxbury and the Eliza............... probably Eliza, coz I like MC better than Vernis.
  13. I voted for the Roxbury Pomme, but I like the Shirley as well. I'm no help at all :shame:

    Don't really like the Eliza's shape, the Shirley and Roxbury are both versatile but Roxbury is bigger - then again you already have something Pomme so maybe it's time for MC!
  14. The Pomme Roxbury is great! It's a tad bigger, but doesn't look that big....but inside you can hold ALOT! It is also very can be a shoulder bag or a handheld bag! And it goes with everything :smile:
  15. I have the noisette roxbury and it's got "panache"... I'd get the roxbury :smile: