Bored with Hair

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  1. I'm totally bored with my hair I haven't had it cut in a while & I just find myself tying it back day after day.

    The background is I had it short but wanted to grow so it could be long for when I get married so I had more option wth styles and pics wouldn't look dated later. But a wedding will not be happening for a while so I can change hair but what to do????

    I'm pretty uninspired help me guys..........

    Here's a pic of what it's like now when not tied back

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  2. You look amazing! Maybe some long layers if you are looking for a change, but keeping length so you can tie back still if you like to.

    BTW, love your bag!!
  3. I would suggest adding color more than anything! Highlights! Caramels and blondes just in time for summer. Adding in some shorter layers would be cute too as well as bringing up the back a bit shorter and have the length follow your jaw line.
    Something like this as far as cut:
    And color something close to this maybe not as light:
  4. ^^ i was so going to say the same thing!! if you're not worried about keeping length, i would take it up in the back and keep the length around your jaw line .. so it's like a cute a-line cut! also .. if u put some sort of color in it, it'll add a lot more to your cut .. doesnt have to be dramatic, but something extra .. something maybe like 2 shades lighter than your natural ..

    .. coming from a hair stylist .. u have a cute cut as is .. but i can understand why you;d want to spice things up a bit =) .. it's always fun to try new things!

  5. Good hair stylist's think alike! :roflmfao:
  6. Thanks for the input guys
    I was looking for some pics of when I had it shorter but you can never find things when your looking for them LOL
  7. I like the cut, maybe put in a side sweep so your bangs are more dramatic and frame your face more?
  8. I like your hair now but I agree with LUV. Bring it up a bit in the back. That would be so cute.
  9. ^^^^
    i agree! your hair is a lovely colour, i wouldnt dye it!
  10. Some hilights. Not too much and not blonde. Your hair's really dark so red-brown hilights will be noticeable enough. Leave the top layer uncoloured but hilight in a few chunky streaks the hair underneath.
  11. I had a very similar cut to yours and decided to grow mine out. I just cut bangs a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE them! It's amazing what something as simple as bangs did to my entire look.