bored while cleaning out the shoe closet

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  1. Ok, you guys have been very spoiled on this board with all those louboutins and manolo's... There's nothing like that to see in here:crybaby:

    But in case you're feeling a little bored as i am... Enjoy! :yes:

    The whole collection:

    PICT1959 (Large).JPG

    I'm allready very tall and as much as I like high heeled shoes and strappy sandals, I just don't feel comfortable. So here's a couple sandals i found with smaller heels:

    PICT1961 (Large).JPG

    Flip-flops! The most comfortable ones I ever owned are the converse ones. Also like the havaianas. (yellow and custom made brown ones)

    PICT1963 (Large).JPG


    PICT1965 (Large).JPG
  2. I live in flats! just love them. That's why they look so dirty and used :sweatdrop:

    PICT1967 (Large).JPG

    heels (again, no high heels)

    PICT1971 (Large).JPG

    My UGGs. Yes, I still wear them and even bought a new pair yesterday to wear outside! I wore the orange ones only inside the house.

    PICT1976 (Large).JPG
  3. Boots from last year. (again, yes I do realise they look very dirty and used, lol!)

    PICT1979 (Large).JPG

    Boots i allready bought for this winter and fall, can't wait to wear them but I'm a little bit worried about how to pair the short ones. I loove the dark brown ones. They were actually out off budget but had to make an exception!

    PICT1973 (Large).JPG

    PICT1982 (Large).JPG

    PICT1980 (Large).JPG
  4. LOL You're funny.
  5. cute flats :smile:

    Thanks for reminding me to fix up my closet, I had an avalanche of shoe boxes topple over last night while searching for a specific pair, I almost gave myself concussion :wtf:.
  6. I love ALL of your tall boots. I am on a search right now for tall flat leather boots that don't look exactly like riding boots. Yours look awesome :yes:
  7. i love your tall flat boots. may i ask where you got them?
  8. pinkgoldfish shoes looking dirty and used = well worn and loved shoes!
  9. Lol, thanks!

    I do adore some shoes here on the board. Those sexy strappy heels or classy pumps :love: but i just don't have the length or the occasions to wear them.

    I got those tall boots in a clothing boutique there was no brand name on them, nothing, so i don't think i can help.