bored some pics!

  1. decided to take some pics =)[​IMG][​IMG]

  2. Mmmmmm... is that a tube of strawberry chocolate?? I grew up on those in Japan!!
  3. ^ haah ya they are lol =P
  4. OMG!!!!!! That is sooooo gorgeous!!! I didn't know those striped totes had legacy lining! You've got me hooked. Now I'm no longer getting a Hampton Carryall, but a Stripe Tote.......hmmm....

    Thanks for the pics!:tup:
  5. That legacy lining is TDF!!

    and I see your cute little ipod case! XD!

    Awesome bag and pictures!

    Your making me want to buy that tote now. T_T
  6. Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Adorable!^-^
  8. I am so jealous your Sig Stripe Tote has Legacy lining! Mine definitely does not :sad:
  9. That is an absolutely beautiful tote. Congrats!
  10. I wish people would stop showing me those striped totes , they are so cute ! , I have a large one and the more I see the other sizes with the legacy stripe lining makes me really really want one now :graucho::yes:! I am thinking I will get the brown on

    BTW I like the IPOD case you have , those little wings are really cute
  11. Love the pics!
  12. Nice pics! I have this same tote and just love it!
  13. ^^^Where did you guys get the Striped tote w/ legacy lining!!! I want one! Thanks!
  14. lol thanks!! ya you guys should def get it ;) very nice bag haha
  15. OMG. Total enabling pics lol. I MUST have this bag!!