Bored NYE??? Take a trip to the ER

  1. So, we got a doggie a couple of nights ago. In my stupidness, I tried to introduce one of the cats to the doggie (we named him So, I'm holding Kira as she's hissing and crying while Ruf kind of stands there curious...anyhow, Kira was having none of it, and went psycho on me and tried to jump out of my hold, biting my finger and clawing my face, not to mention my shirt! Oh well..right? Evidently not. Overnight my finger got huge and it hurt. Before I knew it my whole arm was hurting and aching and sure enough, I see some red streaks starting up it. Ugh! Around 6pm last night I headed to the ER. It was infected. Got a round of IV antibiotics, some Lortabs, bandaged up, and was on my way! Got home around 9pm, relaxed for a bit, took some ibuprophen, and started drinking (I didn't take any of the Lortabs, so I was cool) around 10:30. Went out and rang in the new year with Kara and friends. Yay!! Screw you bacterias!!

    Happy New Year!!
  2. Wow! :wtf: I'm glad you're okay!
  3. I'm sure a few drinks killed off those bacterias...yikes Charles, sorry about the night in the ER but hope you guys are all OK...the arm was saved!!
  4. OY!!!!!
    Hope u feel better....!

    alcohol always numbs the pain better than pills...ROFL.....
  5. Ahhh the things we do for pets!!! :upsidedown:
  6. yikes! Glad you're okay!
  7. Glad you're OK Charles!!!!!
  8. :lol:

    I hope you get better:sad:
  9. Wow, glad your OK! Happy New Year!
    Good luck w/ the pets!
  10. Wow, glad you're ok, Charles. Hey, the alcohol kills germs too, right? I guess the dog and cat won't be bonding anytime soon.
  11. That sounded like a serious infection, Charles. Glad you took care of it right away.
  12. Glad you're okay, Charles.

    Other than that, I hope you're having a kick ass New Year.
  13. I've never gotten an infection like that, so I was hesitant to go to the ER...on top of me being a cheap ass too, but the pain kept getting worse and I started to feel a bit weak, so I thought I needed to bite the bullet. Evidently, since I got bit in the finger, if I waited too long, I could have lost it..yikes!

    Anyhow, just as my other hand was healing from an altercation I got into a few weeks ago, now this hand is gimp. I'll never get back in the gym at this rate. :sad:

    Thanks for the well wishes!
  14. The Martini Queen should know best! lol.

    Glad you're OK Charles!!!
  15. Charles, what kind of puppy is Rufus?