Bored much? Couldn't sleep & playing with my fobs!

  1. Great collection and nice job!
  2. When I use mine I use it as a coin purse for change. I always have a coin purse and rotate them out. It's a bit big to use as a purse charm IMO, so it actually works great for coins or earbuds or any smaller items you don't want to just roam free in your bag!
  3. Love your collection!
  4. great display!! Now its all filled up so you're going to have to make another one for more fobs!! : )
  5. EARBUDS!!!!!!!!!!! great idea!!!! :biggrin::biggrin: Thanks!

    Thank you!!! :smile::smile::smile:

    Thanks Will!! :biggrin: I have left over material so I think I will make more reason to buy more fobs.:graucho:
  6. Thank you! it was an easy & fun project :smile:
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Thank you :smile: :smile: :smile:
  9. Thanks :biggrin: The owl makes me smile - he's so cute!!
  10. Great fob collection! The corkboard display really looks nice!
    Love it!
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    I like this! Is it new? Do you have the style #? :smile:
    Ed: the picture somehow didn't show up. I was referring to the brass heart. Thank you.
  12. Great job and love your collection
  13. Thank you! This isn't a Coach fob. I found this in a vintage boutique as a pendant and changed it into a fob :smile:.
  14. Thank you!! :smile: