Bored: I'll match a lipstick to any bbag that could be worn as a lipstick bring it on

  1. I'm super sad (see: pathetic, lame)

    As soon as I saw SoCal's Fire Engine Rouge 06', I instantly thought...
    that's MAC's Lady Danger (it's Matte), it was a huge hit at fashion shows last season. Funny that now there is a bag color that is so similar ;)


    Here, I will disclose.
    I own, um, a lot of MAC lipstick.

    So, since I'm bored, I will custom match whatever you want me to match.:graucho: :yes:
    Bags, socks, undies.... whatever (of course B-Bags too!!).

    Just give me a photo!
    lady danger.jpg
  2. LOL Winona!!! This is gonna be a fun and interesting thread!:lol:
  3. :roflmfao: winona77 - you are SO bored! hehehehe!!! i'm gonna keep an eye on this thread for sure!!! hehehehehehe!!!
  4. You must be really bored! :roflmfao: Do you have a bordeaux lipstick too? :graucho:

    IMG_9845.JPG Now match this!
  5. yeah, but can you match to other lipstick brands? i prefer my chanel glosses.
  6. Here, for my first item, I'll make it easy for you:smile: My 05 Rouge First.:love:
  7. Can you match seafoam color too? :graucho:
  8. Dubonnet or Redwood (sheer).


    Chigirl- Dude, if I owned any you KNOW with skillz like this I could. I'm talented in this department.
  9. Yeow baby!!! You're GOOD!!! :cool:
  10. how about pale rose?
  11. that's so genius!
  12. dude, you are good (and bored)! :lol: and funny. ;)

    i like Mac too (for lipsticks) but not for glosses(too sticky) and i am all about glosses lately.
  13. I'm going to get some gasps and oooo's and ah'ss for this one...
    But I've matched the same lipstick to the photo of the Rouge and Bordeaux....

    I put the lipstick right onto the screen by accident, and then figured I'd just add a bit more to prove it would match (prove to myself)

    Can you EVEN SEE the lipstick on the screen with the bag there???? No. Want to know why??? Because I am a matching dynamo!! It's right there on the bag, dierctly in the middle of the bag on the left.
    aaaabordeaux2.jpg aaaaa.jpg
  14. LOL!!! Lipstick on the screen! I love ya!!!