Bored at home, thought I'd take some pics of my Bbags...

  1. I have a very small collection compared to everyone else's, but it's a good start, eh??? Thanks to Zacorey and Chigirl, I think it's a well-rounded start...

    2003 s/s Caramel City
    2005 s/s Black Classique
    2005 Silver Metallic Box
    1104064.jpg 110306.jpg 1104063.jpg 1104062.jpg
  2. ooohhhh! preeeety!!!
  3. Very good start indeed! You've got the staple, the vintage, and the glam... way to go!
  4. NICE collection Ozzysmom! Great variety! I :heart: the silver box!!
  5. ooohh i love the caramel..yum!!!:love:
  6. very nice collection! i want a 03 or 04 caramel SOOOOO Bad!
  7. 0o0o great collection!!! thanks for sharing pics, Ozzysmom!!!
  8. Yummy caramel! I am just starting to get into the older bags. Nice collection. What do you plan on adding next?
  9. You have the BEST taste! Your Bbags are gorgeous!:love: Where's your dog and what are you going to get next???
  10. Gorgeous...I love them all! Great collection, thank you so much for sharing!
  11. I love it when you all share your pictures! I NEVER get tired of looking at them! Your bags (yummmmmm to caramel) are beautiful!:P
  12. Gorgeous! I'm particularly drooling over your black classique
  13. Ooooh SILVER! Very pretty! : )
  14. Nice!
  15. Couldn't say it better myself! Thanks for sharing your bbag family with us!!