Borders - All Cds 40% Off Mon-Tue November 12th & 13th

  1. Thx. Too bad it is only valid w/ a Borders Membership Rewards card. I was going to get to new Alicia Keys CD that's coming out on Tuesday 11/13 but alas I don't have a Borders membership card.
  2. Soo funny luvamoramore I was thinking about picking up the same CD, I'm looking forward to that album-I'm going to investigate how to get a membership card :smile:

  3. The rewards card is free- they give it to you right there.
  4. Yeah, I love the Borders deals. Card is free and easy to sign up for and they send you coupons all the time.
  5. Thanks for the information!
  6. Yeah I went there a few weeks ago and they gave me a free card and asked for my email so they can email me coupons, and I have been getting them every week. Very good deal:tup:I am also thinking of getting Alicia Keys cd...shes an amazing singer