Borders - 40% Off Any One DVD Box Set/ December 18th & 19th

  1. Thanks for the sweet deal! Maybe now I can get some box sets I've been eyeing on for awhile! (Go Family Guy DVD Box Set Volume 5!)
  2. do you have to be a member to use this? :confused1:
  3. ^Yes you do have to be a member, but you can easily sign up at any borders book store, it's free and takes only a few seconds! :smile:

    I just received this in an email, and I can't wait to use it, such a great deal! I am going to get Grey's Anatomy season 3!!
  4. Would this work on the Sex & The City all season dvd box set?
  5. ^i believe the complete series is on sale this week at Target for $149!
  6. woo hoo

    i hope i can get my hands on some LAW & ORDER!
  7. Sex in the City for me!!!
  8. bummer, US only! :sad: