Bordeoup PDV & Anthracite PDV (ON A BUDGET)

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  1. Like DD said on an act of desperation of not knowing how the Bordeoux and Anthracite look IRL I decited to use my master Arts & Crafts techniques and used my Bosphore GM and transformed it into the PDV:nuts: lmao and here are the results:roflmfao: and you guys are right acording to my Fall Dilemma Poll I ended up liking the Bordeoux more than the Anthracite it just matches the mono canvas more than the Anthracite, it looks kinda off with the brown mono canvas and the Bordeoux is more easy on the eyes:lol:

    so what do you think:confused1: should mark jacobs hire me as he's art director?:roflmfao:

    here are comparison pictures can you tell them apart lmao...


    Bordeoux PDV


    Anthracite PDV


    the handles on the Anthracite ended up looking like the mirage lol
  2. :lol: Great job! Hope DD got to help!
  3. ^^^yeah he helped make the Anthracite :roflmfao:
  4. Great idea ...before I got mine I made my PDV from paper to ensure that the size was OK for me:lol: Which colour do you adore now???
  5. ^^^ the bordeoux...
  6. I got the degrade bandeau today;)
    LV 4.10.07 003.jpg
  7. ^^^OMG Thanx for enabling me even more:drool:
  8. Ha ha ha... I didn't read anything and just went directly to the pics. I was like "OMG... it's so cute... WAIT... it looks funny!" :roflmfao:
  9. ^^^lmao it's a knockoff:lol: it looks like something you would find on I offer lol

    id love to say one of the colors but i say NEITHER!
    i know. im crazy. Im living for the ad though.
  11. ^^^which ad? the Fourre?
  12. Hold on, I'm confused. Is the real bag on the chair? Or in the small pic?! I just can't tell! Agggh!
  13. Mine is the inspired one ... the first one's are authentic:woohoo:
  14. ^^^yes they are how dare you purchase inspired LV I will have to confiscate the inspired PDV from you as soon as posible:lecture:
  15. Hi hi, nice.