1. When did they have this color
    and are they going to have it in 08
    anyone have pics of yours
    I was also wondering can NM order any color because my SA was looking on the computer today and there were older colors from like 04
  2. bordeaux came out in 2005 - if i can get my camera going i'll take some shots for you.

    i'm not too sure if NM can order colors from seasons past since they were a one time seasonal color - get what i mean?
  3. i *think* it was posted that they are going to be coming out with an 08 bordeaux... but i cant remember for sure...
  4. I do remember that one of the fall 08 colors will be bordeaux-like, but we won't know for sure what it looks like until it comes out.

    Like dusty said, bordeaux came out in 05. Here's a pic of my first- she can appear much darker, depending on lighting. Check out the clubs like the Red club, 05 club, etc. and you'll see more bordeaux pics. She's really lovely!
    IMG_1384.JPG IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1405b.jpg
  5. If your SA can find 04 and 05 bbags, RUN don't walk over there and buy all that you can! :heart:
  6. haha bags4fun you read my mind!!
    sunny07, i LOVE your first!! the handles have stretched and it looks GORGEOUS!! i was never a fan of the first but know i might have to reconsider...
  7. thanks leefi! She came to me preloved and already broken in- yup, the handles have definitely softened, and they are quite dark. She's my most broken in bbag by far!
  8. sunny! I love your bordeaux first! :love:

    ITA with the others, you better run back to that SA and get what you can! And maybe tell us the SA? :graucho: j/k. kind of. ;)
  9. thanks ladybug!! bordeaux is lovely, but she has been ousted as my fave red bbag by a certain other red bbag. :p

    chunkymunky- actually, if you do find out that NM has older bbags in stock, please please let us know- you can post it in the shopping section. That'd be soo exciting!!!
  10. Here's my Twiggy in Bordeaux.
    I absolutely LOVE her. :heart:
    (And my puppy!) :rolleyes:


  11. OMG!!!!!!!! That first is LOVELY. I'm not too into firsts, but yours is BEAUTIFUL! And it looks fab on you as well! How tall are you? I am 5'3" so maybe a first won't look so small on me ;) I've never seen one IRL
  12. I have a First in Cornflower - it was my first Bbag and I adore it. I, too, am 5'3" and - if you're not looking to put the kitchen sink in there - it really does fit a lot in it. I don't think it would look too small on you at all. :tup:
  13. Bordeaux is the best! Here are pictures of my 05 bordeaux city vs 06 grenat PT. You cannot go wrong with this color; it goes with everything.
    bord vs grenat.JPG bord vs grenat1.JPG bord vs grenat2.JPG 05 Bordeaux City.JPG bord vs grenat3.JPG
  14. :drool:
  15. One color that's definitely in my wish list! Wish there's still work or city in this color floating ard!