Bordeaux vs Merlot

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  1. I have seen the merlot color in a ZC IRL and I have to say I was mesmerized my it! It's such a rich red color--- My question is, how does it compare to bordeaux? The merlot is almost like blood I think, is the bordeaux a red with a purplish hue? like a cooler red? I saw pictures at the reference library but the shades of red ranges and I am trying to get to a closer to real life reference.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. bordeaux is darker than merlot.... not sure how to describe it exactly, in comparison to merlot. In all honesty, I prefer merlot over bordeaux. I would say that bordeaux is a warmer red than merlot.
  3. Thanks Thithi! I actually love the merlot color so much and just disappointed that it doesn't come in any of the bags I like ;( I might settle for a ZC but I really want a merlot Blake or a Large MP-- with 4 pockets, not the 2 pocket version.
  4. There is a Merlot blake! Does anybody have a photo?
  5. ^^ The merlot blake is part of the mercer knot line. I couldnt find any pics of a Merlot blake, but here is a pic of a MP in Merlot...
  6. Thank you for the picture Coach, I'd love to see that in real life, it looks gorgeous.
  7. Merlot is so pretty!!! :love:
  8. Thanks Coach for the photo! I first saw that color in a ZC and I love that color so much! I called the NY store and they also have a sofia merlot in addition to the blake and the two-pocket bag (the one in the photo). I am not crazy about the knots but I am contemplating on getting a blake because of the TDF color. Oh well, I have not decided whether to take the plunge on another mercer bag or settle for a ZC in merlot! :confused1:

    Here's a photo of the Mercer line Sofia in merlot
  9. [​IMG]
    Sofia! Ack what have they done to you, you were soo rock n roll and now you are soo, well, I dont want to insult anyones taste because we all have great taste and for our own reasons but I am not a fan of the knots a little too "Gap"py for me.
    that color however is AMAZING
  10. [bump] I'm trying to decide if I should splurge on a NWT Bordeaux Blake on evilBay, or should I consider a Merlot Blake - was this style even made?
  11. i don't remember there being a merlot blake, but even if there were, go for the bordeaux. that has beautiful chocolate brown suede lining, which the merlot would not.
  12. I prefer bordeaux. It's a beautiful deep color. There was a merlot blake, but it was from the mercer line. It had knots on the handles.
  13. I too contemplated between the merlot and bordeaux. In the end, the bordeaux won. It's a warmer colour. I find the merlot a little harsh. Plus as another poster has said, my blake bordeaux has the beautiful brown sued lining.