Bordeaux v. Grenat

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  1. Bordeaux v. Grenat: so which "red" is darker looking to you? (see

    Which color do you prefer if you have a choice? I love my bordeaux First but I also like the new grenat that's coming out soon. BUT I can't justify having 2 colors that are so close to each other. So decisions... decisions... What I really want is:

    bodeaux First + rouge vif First


    grenat First + rouge vif First

    So what do you gals think? Should I keep my bordeaux or buy the grenat and get rid of the bordeaux? :wacko:
  2. It's a little hard to tell from the swatches, but it looks like the grenat may be slightly darker (description of it is "very deep burgundy"). They seem to be very similar, though.

    I like the grenat, and can't wait for these bags to come!
    Why don't you keep your bordeaux until you see the grenat IRL and decide then? Or...keep the bordeaux and get the grenat in another style (like a city or twiggy)?? :smile:
  3. i think the rouge vif First is such a stunning colour! get this colour and keep your bordeaux first. i think the grenat is really close... but i think i'd be able to make MORE a decision once someone shows me a bag.... hehehe! good luck b-bag sista!
  4. I definetely want a grenat twiggy. I hope that the colour is going to that beautiful IRL. Does anybody know when they are released?
  5. Ya, I think I'll hold on to it for now and see what the grenat looks like IRL. I'll definitely get the rouge vif because I love RED!!! I want to get the City in black so I know I won't get the grenat in that size. Dang, so many colors and styles to choose from! Why aren't I born rich??!! :rant::lol:
  6. i ask myself that question everyday! :roflmfao:
  7. I agree with cate22-have both colors in front of you before making a decision of which color you love most in the First style. Otherwise, keep the bordeaux First and purchase a grenat City or Twiggy :graucho:
    My friend has the bordeaux First and it's gorgeous! She is definitely a keeper :love:
  8. I have a Bordeaux first too and will also probably never tire of it (although I should know better at this point than to use the word never.)
  9. hi

    i decided today is the day i am going to preorder my bag. i decided on a grenat weekender, as i just love mimis bourdeaux weekender and i am hoping the grenat is just as stunning. my guess is that it is darker than the bourdeaux, which for me is fine, as i heard some girls say that the bordeaux handles got dirty, which bothers some people... but with the weekender, there is no shoulder strap, so the handle thing is a consideration for me. I just hope that the new grenat color is not too shiny. hopefully i can ask them to pick me a less shiny less veiny one...we will see when the new leathers arrive!

    anyway...i have always loved the bourdeax, and the bordeaux first i am sure is a beauty. t
  10. Thanks ladies! I think I'll hold on to my bordeaux First and see what my options will be when the Fall colors come out. I need to have more faith in my baby bordeaux! :P
  11. Congrats on your preordering! The grenat weekender sounds stunning. :love: Be sure to post pictures when it comes in.
  12. I just spoke to Sarah at Bal NY and the grenat will be much deeper than the bordeaux. I too have a bordeaux but will order the grenat in a different bag.
  13. Kim at Bal NY said that Grenat is more of an Ox Blood red.
  14. The description brings to mind the color Cordovan which was used in the classic Penny Loafers.
  15. boy, that's a tough one, because i love both of them :love: