bordeaux twiggy

  1. is there aaaanywhere that still has the bordeaux twiggy? or is ebay really my only option now?
    if so how does the grenat compare?
  2. I don't think any stores have it, from what I understand it was pretty popular (unfortunately)! I think compared to grenat, it has more brown in it, but I've never actually seen it in real life. Check out the "Documenting Leather Variations" thread, there are plenty pictures of both in there! Hope this helps!
  3. check aloharag...
  4. pinkpirate.. let me know if you find two! :^) I've been looking for one also!
  5. thanks you guys!
    aloharag doesn't have any... and i usually avoid them at all costs.
    should i wait until one pops up on ebay? or should i just settle for a grenat twiggy?... i loved the way the bordeaux twiggy looked on lindsay lohan in the pic where shes wearing a cardigan and jeans. in that picture, do you guys think it looks more like the grenat or the bordeaux (in person)?
  6. grenat is really very close to bordeaux IMO. I would just go with grenat, and there were some dye/leather/quality issues with bordeaux anyway with certain batches if I remember correctly...
  7. Let me know if you find three! I've always preferred the bordeaux over grenat, it just seems darker and browner which I like.
  8. dilemma dilemma! in some pictures the grenat looks alot like the bordeaux, but in others it looks like a flat red/brown (like dried blood). can anyone direct me a photo that most accurately represent the colour?
  9. you could just request one that looks more like red-wine than red-brown, there was a grenat city @ AR that looked red-wine to me just a few days ago- I'm sure that if you ask, the SA there or wherever would be willing to accomodate you.
  10. raffaello network has some b bags in bordeaux. not sure abt their service or the authencity cos i never bought anything off them before.

    i have a bordeaux twiggy and love the color and style. hope u ladies find urs.
  11. i had the bordeuax twiggy.... it was a true deep red wine. it was sooo prettty!
  12. Have you called Balenciaga? Daphne told me that the new batch of Grenats were nothing like the first batch and that they were really saturated with color and very smooth. I can show you a picture of the First that I returned, however that was not from the later shipment but it was very nice. I returned it because it was too small. I have a credit there, waiting on BI or spring colors. Here is a picture of the grenat:
    pic003v2.jpg pic007v2.jpg