Bordeaux Twiggy

  1. Hey gals!

    I just received my Bordeaux Twiggy and she is a Beauty! :love: She wasn't even carried once. Sorry I didn't take photos this weekend of the Lilac but I have been going through some "stuff" :sad: and just haven't had a chance. I will try to this weekend!:yes:
  2. can't wait to see pictures of your twiggy, giggles!

    it would be awesome if mine gets here by the weekend. a girl can dream... :greengrin:
  3. Congrats on your bordeaux and lilac, giggles!! I hope things are going better for you...:flowers:
    Looking forward to your pics!
  4. yum yum giggles! cant wait for pics!

    hold strong! ;)
  5. wow, great addition to your collection! congrats!
  6. Thanks gals for the good words. :yes: My hubby and I may have to go through IVF so I am just worried about it. :shame: We find out Thursday so hopefully some good words from the doc. :yes:
  7. My prayers go out to you!! I have been a 2x ovum donor so I know all about IVF, fertility issues, etc. Best of luck and if you ever have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

    Can wait to see your new twiggy. Out of all of my bags, I use my bordeaux twiggy the most!
  8. ^ giggles, i don't know what exactly what you're going through, but i do hope it works out!
  9. sending you positive thoughts!!
    congrats no the bags too ;)
  10. We must have a family pic! Best of luck to you w/the IVF - I'll be thinking of you and hoping it works out *hugs*
  11. Oh fingers crossed for you hun! And congrats on the bordeaux!
  12. Congrats, giggles! :smile: That's such a pretty color and a lovely style! Warm wishes and fingers crossed for you! :flowers:
  13. Oops double post. sorry. :P
  14. Ooh, giggles! My fingers are crossed for you too. I'll pray for a positive result:smile:)

    Congrats on the twiggy!
  15. Congrats on the bbags and best wishes and lots of luck with the other stuff - crossing my fingers you get good news from the doc...