Bordeaux Twiggy Ebay

  1. Because socal said it was "waxy", plus I like to pay with paypal. Do bordeaux hobo's ever come up on eBay?
  2. is this an authenticity question?
    I can't tell if you're asking about that or if we like it!?
  3. I am asking what everyone thinks about it.
  4. There was a hobo a few weeks back and I tried to get it after the auction ended but she sold it.
  5. Oh what a bummer. I would love to have that style & color.
  6. wow, that bordeaux is gorgeous, i love the color!!!
  7. That is so nice! I wish I could afford it right nowwww!
  8. The only thing is, can I justify getting this one when I have a Grenat Hobo pre-ordered? The colors are kind of the same.:shame:
  9. ^^ of course!!
  10. I find that I can justify pretty much anything when it comes down to it!
  11. Lol
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