Bordeaux silverado or balenciaga

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  1. Okay, so i think the "chloe or balenciaga" thread has left everyone on the same side of the fence they started on! However, I''m trying to decide between a Balenciaga twiggy in bordeaux or a Chloe silverado in bordeaux. My concern w/ the silverado is that it is outdated and not too versatile. However, I hear the leather is AMAZING on Chloes. With the Balenciaga, my one drawback IS the leather, which I am afraid is fragile and not as durable as the Chloe leather. I will be wearing the bag both with suits for work and with jeans and sweats on lazy days. It will also get a break when i wear other bags- so it won''t be an everyday bag, but needs the capability to be one in terms of function and style. I do not want to be super vigilant about protecting the bag from dirt 24/7 (hence the dark color). Any opinion on which is better suited? You can disregard price as a factor.
  2. Hi Echo,

    I own both balenciagas and chloes and you're absolutely right. The Balenciaga leathers leave much to be desired. I'm always afraid that I'll break the leather because it just feels so fragile. Also, I have found that the Balenciagas are incredibly difficult to clean. With that said, I would probably have to side with the Silverado. I love my Balenciaga but my Chloes are my everyday bags and they just function better.
  3. I own both, too and even though the Balenciaga leather seems fragile it's not! I use them as my everyday bag especially my grenat city and I got caught in the rain, nothing happened to it and with the right cleaner e.g LMB cleaning isn't a problem. You don't need to worry about the Bbag leather to much. I think that the Twiggy would be a better choice as the Silverado because it's more versatile and looks better with a suit. So my vote goes to the Twiggy :smile:
  4. Balenciaga leather- fragile? No way. I say Twiggy. Its edgy (because of the tassles) n conservative ( because of the common shape) at the same time.
  5. Do you prefer a lighter bag or a heavier one? I have both types of bags and when it comes to leather they are both equally durable (considering how much I stuff in my bags). Have you had a chance to try on either bag in person? Perhaps you can make a decision based on that?
  6. I say go with the Silverado because it's more distinctive. There's nothing else like it around. I like Balenciaga too, but there are a number of "look alikes" around here (not fakes, but knock-offs), so it doesn't feel as special anymore. Also (own personal opinion) I find the Twiggy too small - if you do get a balenciaga I would go one size up to the medium le dix.
  7. Thanks for the input! I have not had a chance to try out a silverado, but have tried out many balenciagas (some hits some misses). I assumed they would hold around the same amount, but the silverado holds much more? Weight isn't a concern as long as we're not talking the same weight as a Chloe Paddy...that might make my back have a second thought (although those bags are GORGEOUS!!!!!). So no one thinks the silverado is outdated then?
  8. Hi - Silverados are wider than twiggys, so they hold more. They're definitely heavier than the Twiggy but not as heavy as the paddy. I don't think they're outdated. The Balenciaga "motorcycle" look is still in, and the Silverado has the same look with the studs. I think the whipstiching is on its way out but since the Silverado is not covered in it you are still be good.
  9. Whoops - meant to deleted the "be" in the last sentence while editing.
  10. balenciaga def.
    the leather is TDF and stronger than u would expected
  11. I would say go for the twiggy. Not to worry about the leather at all. It is very strong even though it is so soft and light. I have never owned a silverado but have seen one in real life and it was definetely pretty beat up looking, which to me is also fine if you love that type of look. I just think the leather on the balenciaga stands the test of time much better.