Bordeaux Quilted Stella w/ chain handle & suede lining!!!

  1. Bordeaux Quilted Stella with chain handle and suede lining! I have never seen this particular combination in any store, is it exclusive to Barney's New York only? It's more expensive than Stam!
    Abaglover: Do you like it? Would you consider replacing Taupe Stam with this one?

    (source: picture & info from BNY)
    Marc Jacobs Stella Quilted Bag - $1,300.00
    Stella quilted leather bag with chain handle and zip closure. Suede lining. Size 15x0x4.
  2. that is a really pretty bag! i can't believe it's more than the stam though! goodness :blink:
    i'm really loving all the burgundy tones on marc's fall bags! :heart:
  3. I like the style but I don't like the color that much maybe because I haven't seen it IRL
  4. Agree, the style looks nice. I'm not sure how Bordeaux would look in person, I didn't like Cranberry. Purple/Violet would look great on Stella too.
  5. I like it better than the stam
  6. That gold hardware is wearing me out!
  7. Hi bag.lover -- I actually like the color and would love one with suede lining. But I'm not sure about the chain handle. I know my blush patent stam has a chain but I never use it. It's more of a decorative handle for me. I would think the chain would dig into my shoulders. But thanks for thinking of me :smile: !
  8. I considered getting that bag in cream from Bloomies at one point. I really like it!
  9. I have never seen this at my local stores. Either they are sold out or the sellers just decided not to get them...
  10. I saw this bag in black this weekend, and boy, is it heavy!
  11. LOL. =)
  12. Abaglover & SuLi: Agree about the chain -- it's very heavy especially on Stam. Luckily, it's removable on Stam.

    Jill: I still like Stam more. =)
  13. Bag.lover, the bloomies bag is beautiful. I love the color! Wow!
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