Bordeaux Quilted Multipocket on sale at Nordstrom

  1. Spotted 1 Bordeaux Quilted Multipocket (with chain) at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza, it's marked down to ~$660USD (originally $1100USD). It has icey leather, antique hardware, and beautiful burgandy suede lining. If interested, call Nordies & ask for Marty.

    Told by Nordstrom SAs that all Putty/Butter/Orange/Denim items in Soft Calf Leather Line are 40% off; the quilted items (I have seen) in Bordeaux/Petrol/Taupe are on sale as well.
  2. i called last week and nobody at Nordies could find a butter blake on sale. CS online said they were sold out, and nordies SA said they didn't have it. They gave me all the names of the fall colors, and didn't even know which is butter. *grumble* Oh well...i love mine though :smile: