Bordeaux Purse BIN $1275!!!!!!

  1. This is from a forum member and it is the '05 Bordeaux Purse. I've purchased from this seller, and her bags are always better than described! What a pretty bag! Good luck, Mocean! :heart:
  2. Wow, I want this bag...but I already have a bordeaux city and an ink purse. Somebody please grab this and take away the temptation.

    I wanted to add that this auction is extremely well done, with great photos and very detailed descriptions.
  3. sold!

    I know it looks like grenat- but it's my BFF's and it is definetly from f/w 05! they sure are similar colors! and thanks for the compliment citychris! I love taking photos of balenciagas... such beautiful bags! I LOVE photo shoot day.
  4. A friend of mine got me this bag as a get well present after my car accident last night...I no longer have a Pathfinder to drive but I am still here ( alittle more colorful and sorer than when I left work last night) and now with a new bag!! have an ink purse style??? OMG...keep me in mind if you ever feel the need to lighten your old load to start a new one!
  5. no way!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I contacted the buyer about this bag after I read the thread about your accident! I was hoping....! yay!!

  6. diana- hope you feel better. what a good sweet friend you have!

    mocean- congrats on the sale. your pics are beautiful!
  7. Thanks addictedtopurses...

    The morphine last nite was very nice and now I have a weeks supply of vicodin so I feel not so bad...let me remind you all to wear your seatbelts and the airbags really helped..especially my side airbags as I was t-boned at an intersection by a 18 year old who ran his "almost green" light as he told the police officer...I still would rather have my car back (I had only 2 payments left on it after 5 years :sad: and just spent $600 last weekend on a new set of tires and inspection)...and give back the bag...but that's not going to happen so yippee another bag...and yes he is a good's always weird when someone from 32 years ago comes back into your life...


    Was this your bag and you contacted Jim?? Wow...I was actually on the phone with him when I was in the accident...I love's amazing now how many "purses" are all of a sudden shoing up...I can't afford then all but I would scrap the money together for an ink "purse"!!...Ofcourse I can't sell myself for awhile until I turn all back to one color...oh yea that's right...I usually have to pay them...never mind...I will find another way....maybe sell my blood...oh I can't do that either due to all my meds...okay I will sell my husbands...he has good veins and it won't take long!!

    You are all SOOO nice here...Thank you very much!
  8. Diana, we are glad that the outcome of the accident was not worse... I hope you recover quickly and smoothly so you can show off your new Bordeaux Purse!!! I just got a Bordeaux Mini Twiggy from eBay recently and just love the color!!!

    Don't you love the LOVE among the Balenciaga PFers?:heart::heart::heart:
  9. tiramisu...Thank you...doc said would be sore for quite a few weeks...I get to go and look at the Pathfinder on Monday in the impound yard and see what I can get...hopefully my glasses are still in there but they used the jaws to take my drivers door off so who knows what fell out..the first thing I said when they got me out and got me on the stretcher was to grab my bags (I was carrying the ink city yesterday and had just gotten a chloe Edith at work yesterday and was bringing her home)...he said they were not important and someone else could get them and even with all that red stuff and pain I was in I said to him the hell they aren't...we're not driving away until my 2 bags and coat are in here...I have them :smile:

    Can't wait for the Bordeaux is the 2005 leather and I hear the color is like the grenat from last year which I have in a parttime...I thought the bordeaux would be a darker more solid wine color whereas the grenat is more marooney/brownish...

    Also girls...the computer illiterate person that I do you put those items under your bag wish list, etc...I know u obviously save it but how??
  10. Lucky Lady! I have been trying and trying for a bordeaus or grenat and I keep missing I have missed two in the last 12 hours! Argh! But great for you!!