Bordeaux or Magenta City, other suggestions welcome!

  1. I am new to this forum and excited to be posting for the first time! My dilema is this - I live in a city that offers limited high-end shopping options, so the only Balenciaga colors that I have ever seen in person are the one that I own (that I have ordered from various Neiman Marcus and Barneys locations, or from the seasonal binder that they have at my local Saks). I went to Saks yesterday and was told that they have both the Bordeaux and Magenta City in stock at other stores that can be ordered and I am having a terrible time choosing. I love the Magenta, based on the many pics that I have been online, but am having a terrible time finding any good Bordeaux pics. In some of the pics I have seen, the bag looks like a deep raspberry, in others a faded red. Can anyone describe this color for me, or post pics? Thanks so much for any help!!!
  2. seriously? :wtf: 05 magenta and bordeaux still in stores?!?!?! both magentas are gorgeous but the 05s have more depth to them. as far as i know the 07 magenta is only sold at balny.
    wow!! :drool::drool: could you ask them for some pictures??
    both colors are really pretty so it depends what you're looking for. bordeaux is a deep deep sophisticated red whilst magenta is a beautiful pop of color; i get so many compliments on my magenta gsh!
    you can't go wrong with either though! congrats on the awesome find!
  3. 05 bordeaux is no longer available in stores as far as I know...perhaps your SA was referring to 06 grenat? (they're extremely similar) It's a gorgeous deep red burgundy color. It's a beautiful dark, dark red but is neutral enough to wear with just about every color.

    And I'm pretty sure that only BalNY sold the limited edition 07 magenta City, so I'm not sure which magenta your SA is referring to....? 05 magenta is definitely no longer available in stores. It's a very bright fuschia-ish pink...not for the faint of heart, but beautiful against grays, whites, blacks, and I'm sure a bunch of brighter colors.
  4. they're too different, to me. i wonder why they'd say it's a bordeaux05 if it's actually a grenat06. i do hope it's the 05 one, if you decide to get it, simply bcos i've read too often that 05 leathers are :tup:. as for magenta, i've read of some disappointment in the newer magenta. good luck!
  5. my love will always be for magenta. go for the magenta!
  6. Well, I know, I know, if something sounds to good to be true it probably is! After thinking it over for a few days, I decided that if Saks really did have those bags in stock at any location I would order both. I spoke with a different associate this time, though, who explained that even though the colors are in the computer from prior seasons they are truly not available. The other associate was new, and did not realize this. Ughhh!! Oh, well...I saw the post recently with the Spring 08 colors, so I guess I will drool over those now!!