BORDEAUX or GRENAT City?..or Rogue?


What kinda red?

  1. Bordeaux

  2. Grenat

  3. Rouge VIF

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am in the final haul here, just needed a red bag to complete my collection then I am done with Balenciaga (hopefully:sweatdrop:).

    My first choice is the Bordeaux , I love the deep wine color of the bag. but since its a 2005 color, I guess I might not find one anymore.

    Rogue VIF color is in your face coz its so bright but beautiful.

    Grenat is kinda the dull bordeaux?

    Please help me choose.

  2. I would say Bordeaux!
  3. I have the bordeaux and I have to say that it is a beautiful color. It's richer and deeper than the grenat, imo. As far as the rouge vif, well.. that's just in a class of its own. Depending on whether you want something more neutral and deep, or flashy, I'd pick the bordeaux or the rouge vif.

    Good luck!!! Let me see if I can dig up a bordeaux picture for you!
  4. Oh no, grenat isn't a dull bordeaux at all! It's a warmer red, with brown notes as opposed to bordeaux's more wine-y plum color. But I can't help you pick between those. I love all three, can't say any of them is better, and would like to have all three in multiples. Good news is you can't go wrong!
  5. Decophile, All three in multiples? I wish I can do that, oh how I wish!

    Balenciagalove, beautiful color.
  6. Get grenat!
  7. i voted for Rouge Vif... I just love this colour!!! good luck!
  8. I can't comment of Rouge Vif since I don't own one, but I do own a grenat twiggy, bordeaux first, and bordeaux city. I love anything in the wine/marroon family, so both colors are great. The big difference is that grenat has more brown tones, while bordeaux has more purple tones. The difference isn't huge...let me know if you want me to post a picture side by side...
  9. If it is not too much trouble, would you mind posting pictures side by side?
    I would love to compare.
    THX in advance.
  10. ^^ grenat like a vibrant bordeaux :love:
  11. Bordeaux gets my vote. What about rouge theatre???? Personally, I like rouge theatre more than rouge vif. Sorry ladies, I know alot of Pfers love their rouge vif.:winkiss:
  12. Oh please do post pix of Grenat and bordeaux side by side. Someone is selling me the Grenat City but I am holding out for a bordeaux since I reckon bordeaux's color is richer, deeper and darker.

    But if the difference in color is small, I might buy the Grenat.

    thanks a lot:smile:
  13. i love bordeaux! i was going to buy a grenat if i couldn't find one. if you can find a bordeaux, i say go for it!
  14. I prefer bordeaux and they do come up on eBay somewhat frequently. However, they're all gorgeous colors, so I agree you can't go wrong.
  15. I voted Rouge - but, to be honest, I think you would be happy with any of the reds - each is beautiful. :smile: