Bordeaux or Grenat Balenciaga Weekender

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  1. Hi, do anyone know where I can purchase or if anyone is selling a bordeaux or grenat weekender? I don't care if its new or used. Thanks alot.:yes:
  2. Hi tweety, you may want to try and call BalNY.
    The last time i emailed Kim, she still has 1 Grenat WE left but the leather was very veiny. Hopefully she still has it. All the best. :smile:
  3. Just to add, in the email Kim mentioned it was Oxblood which i assume is Grenat. Hope its the same.
  4. Just to confirm, BalNY does refer to Grenat as Oxblood :tup:!! I really hope that they still have it - Grenat is one of my favorite Bal colors!! Good luck!!
  5. sorry to ride on this thread but does anyone know what weekenders balny has?? tia :smile:
  6. If you're interested at all in a Grenat Work, I know there were two of them at Barney's in Dallas last time I was there (a couple of months ago). Maybe they have a weekender as well...couldn't hurt to ask.
  7. Man I'd love a grenat weekender. I'm sort of holding out for Fall '08 though - I want to see what the Bordeaux looks like!!!
  8. Thanks to everyone for the respones. I really appreciate it!!!
  9. Hi, does anyone have an eggplant or orange colored weekender for sale? I don't care it can be old. Please let me know. Thanks
  10. buying and selling on tpf is not allowed..
  11. I didn't know that.