Bordeaux or Grenat Balenciaga Weekender

  1. HI, Do anyone know where or who might have a bordeaux or grenat weekender for sale? I don't care if its new or used. Please let me know.:yes:
  2. Hi tweety! Welcome to the forum!

    Since bordeaux came out in 05, and grenat in 06, your best bet is eBay or a consignment shop such as anns fabulous finds or real deal collection- both are online. Check the shopping section in the authorized bal sellers thread for legit places to buy. If you go the eBay route, be sure to have it authenticated here- the ladies do a great job and are fabulous.

    Another option is to wait for the f/w 08 colors to come out, because they're supposed to have a bordeaux-like red at that time. Then you could buy from a retailer.

    Also, your question would be best posted in the shopping section, where you'll probably get more responses. ;) Maybe a mod can move this over there?
  3. Thanks alot!!!