Bordeaux or Crimson?

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  1. Those of you that have a Linea Pelle bag in the bordeaux or crimson, could you advise me which one is closer in color to maroon/burgundy? It's hard to tell from the pictures online.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. (For those that might be wondering, I just got an email from their website and they informed me bordeaux is closer to burgundy. They said the crimson was one shade lighter, so they're really close in color.)
  3. I should have my bordeaux dmt tomorrow or Thursday. I will post pics when I get her. There is also another thread with pics of the East West tote in the bordeaux color.
  4. I have the crimson and it's nowhere near close to burgundy. Here's a pic:

  5. Thanks for your responses. :smile:
    handbagvirgin1, that bag is gorgeous!
    darcy-0702, can't wait to see your pictures!