Bordeaux Mirage Speedy for sale at Let-Trade

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  1. I have seen a few posts of people looking for this amazing bag... I love mine so much.... so thought I'd let you know there is one up on Let-trade atm :yes: Be quick .... :P
  2. ooo it went up by $100 ?

    someone grab it, it's such a great bag, I love mine! And let-trade is awesome!
  3. -It's still on the site - they prices on the website are usually a little less than the ebay site (maybe to cover the ebay fees?)
  4. I would pretty much die for this. I'm new to LV and I never saw this before (pant, pant). I have to look up the bordeaux and see what all was made in this style and when.
  5. released 2007 ^

    Mirage =
    Speedy 30

    All gorgeous and done in Bordeaux and Noir

    All sold out, such an amazing bag!
  6. If I had only gotten into LV two years ago life would be perfect. :crybaby: