Bordeaux mini twiggy

  1. I wonder how much smaller this is than the Classique?
  2. i think a lovely PFer illustrated items that fit in her mini-twiggy and first and they both fit the same amount of her things. i'm sorry to forget who the wonderful PFer was but she was so helpful in starting that thread :flowers: i'll try to find it :smile:
  3. yum, i've been watching this bag & have been waiting to pounce :P
  4. Go get it bama! :yahoo:
  5. bama-dear, go for it, honey!!!!!! :love:
  6. this little thing is so darn cute!
  7. Yay, good luck, 'Bama!!! It's soo cute!
  8. awe, thanks everybody, you're all so sweet, i hope i get it :tender:...i need something to cheer me up after selling my emerald purse!!!
  9. The ladies over in the Marc Jacobs forum says the seller's listing for the Baby Stam is fake. Are you comfortable purchasing from someone who could potentially be selling fake other brands? :s HEre is the posting on the other board:

    Originally Posted by kalimarie
    Can anyone authenticate this Little Stam currently on Ebay. Thanks so much. K

    eBay: AUTH MARC JACOBS LITTLE STAM QUILTED LEATHER CHAIN BAG (item 230024625413 end time Sep-08-06 10:06:05 PDT)

    Absolutely fake. Sorry..

    Here's a better pic for comparison. I haven't confirmed this one real either, there's not enough photos, but see the difference in the size and quilting? For example, count the diamonds across the zipper. The fake one has a smaller zipper!
    eBay: AUTHENTIC MARC JACOBS BLACK QUILTED LEATHER BAG (item 220023060019 end time Sep-06-06 13:00:00 PDT)
  10. OMG, no waaaaaaaaay, thanks for saving me $600 sweetie, big kiss :kiss:
  11. Oh, darn. Maybe she doesn't know they're fake?
  12. ^^ oopsy, is it okay to talk about this stuff (?) :shrugs:

    p.s. i'm sooooooooo confused about the rules now!!!
  13. GEEZ. What's up with this??? :noggin: to all scammers!