Bordeaux Medallion Tote

  1. Anyone know if this bag will ever go on sale? I called BG and SA said they won't be getting any more in. Does that mean if there's still some left in stock that they will go on sale eventually? My NM has one and the bad thing is that it's full price (2125)..I was hoping that color would go on sale sometime.

    Anyone know?:confused1:
  2. ^ the only one that's gone on sale is the pink one and that's kinda rare. the bourdeux sells out fast during fall so it's hard to imagine it'd go to sale
  3. I'd bet most of my money that no, it won't go on sale.
    It was limited to one season and not that many were even available as far as I know.
    There may be some still out there, but it's unlikely they'd go on sale.
  4. Darn! That stinks!! So you think it's worth biting the bullet and getting it since they seem to be so limited? I needed a brown bag anyways.
  5. Call NM Charlotte and ask for Natasha. She said the bordeaux price did not go up b/c it was a seasonal color. So last I saw, it was $1895.
  6. ^^Thanks a million! When was the last time you saw it at your NM?
  7. The price on Bordeaux Medallion Tote did go up because I bought one in early Nov. at NM and the price tag was $2,125 but when the price in the computer still came up as $1,895, so I bought it immediately. A few days later, my SA showed me on the register that my bag now reflects the $2,125 price increase. Maybe you'll luck out and find one pre-price increase...good luck!
  8. My Saks still has it for $1895.00
  9. Wow, that's a great buy!

  10. Oh...which Saks is this?? :nuts: Do you have a phone # or SA's name?