Bordeaux Luxury Tote

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one Luxury tote in bordeaux deer skin. The color is gorgeous! Also, this bag has a hidden lock that can be used for the zipper. It retails for $2325.
    Luxury Bordeaux.JPG
  2. This color looks camel to that the true color...I always though bordeaux was a dark red?
  3. I love the shape of that. The bordeaux almost looks like the khaki (bowler, cabas, etc.), or even chocolate brown... is it more of a brown tone IRL? I also thought bordeaux was more of a darker reddish tone like Jill.
  4. The flash from the camera kind of messed up the color. In real life it is a very dark brown with a purple tone to it.
  5. Wow... that bordeaux is pretty - but different than I expected...
    Is there enough of a brown tone that I would work with brown outfits??

    Thank for all of your updates CHANELboy... as someone who has NO Chanel retail where I live it's SOO helpful to see what's out there!!:yes:
  6. What are the dimensions on this beauty? I love it! How does it compare in size to the expandable tote?
  7. ITs about the same width but slightly shorter.
  8. I love the style - its gorgeous!
  9. luv it-gorgeous!
  10. I know, this really is a very pretty handbag.
  11. I like that color,It's special. I also want to know the exactly size and how long is the chain?
  12. This piece is still available and would be a great accessory for fall/winter.
  13. The baby is beautiful! sooo tempted..
  14. If anyone is still looking for this piece, Nordstrom MOA still has one available.
  15. Beautiful bag! Is the hardware gold or silver?