Bordeaux....i'm in love

  1. Please say hello to my gorgeous pre-loved 05 Bordeaux first. She is sooo soft and smooshy. I'm absolutely in love :love:. (She has also officially pushed me into a purse ban, but she was so worth it!)
    IMG_3342 copy.jpg IMG_3343 copy.jpg IMG_3344r copy.jpg
  2. gorgeous! Balenciaga does great reds dont it?! congrats!
  3. Gorgeous, I love how preloved she is!
  4. goodness, i'm dying from looking at the threads today :nuts::lol: congrats!
  5. I love bordeaux!! Your first is just gorgeous, congrats.
  6. i love it too! congrats! :smile::heart:
  7. Wow, your '05 bordeaux has so much red undertones. I jus received my '06 Bordeaux work two days ago, and I must say it's very deep in color, very full of maroon. Love your bordeaux first!!! The leather seems to have sunken in much, definitely TDF.


  8. love it. congrats!!! she's a keeper
  9. Congrats!! I love bal reds!!!
  10. Congrats sweetie on your beautiful find
  11. congrats! love it!
  12. As I am sure everyone on here knows, Bordeaux is my favorite B-bag color. Your bag is gorgeous! Congrats on your find!!!
  13. love bordeaux!!

    congrats........its a gorgeous bag
  14. oh! I LOVE the color. Good job! :woohoo:
  15. There is nothing in the world quite like the gorgeous wine purply red of '05 bordeaux! It's also neutral while being a deep and vivid color so it's easy to wear with anything in your wardrobe. My very first B-bag was an '05 bordeaux city, which is still one of my most-used bags! I love how it gives a subtle pop of color!