Bordeaux GST with silver HW for $1750

  1. If you're looking for this bag, the Saks here in Pittsburgh has it for the old price. :tup: Ask for Donna or Allie and tell her Myra sent you. (412)263-4800
  2. thanks Myra! I almost bought it yesterday for 1895! so thanks for saving me some money! :woohoo:
  3. You're welcome!!!
  4. How does this work? Would you have to live in Pittsburgh to buy it?
  5. no. call them, ask for that SA and tell her you would like to do a charge send, they'll ship it to you
  6. So did you order it to be sent out?
  7. ^^ Yes I did! They had one left. I'm awaiting her email to let me know everything is processed. :smile:
  8. Really? How much is shipping? Can you live in any state in the US? Is this for any dept store? I don't want the Bordeaux GST, I'm just curious.
  9. All major department stores will do a charge send definitely to the lower 48 and my guess is to all 50. Saks, NM, Norstrom, Macys etc. You can check the shopping thread for good SA's since it is usually better to try to develop a relationship with an SA as opposed to taking whoever happens to pick up the phone.
  10. I live in HK, it costs $75 for shipping...although it cost me $50 before at another Saks. Not sure why.. I thought it should be the same if it's from the same company. :confused1:
  11. wowwwwwwww, thank you all for enlightening me! Do the Chanel boutiques do a charge-send too?? :smile:
  12. is there a picture of this bag anywhere?