Bordeaux GST But...

  1. I was searching the forum last week and noticed Swanky's wonderful NM catalog code thread. It had the item # and catalog code for the bordeaux GST for the old price of $1895. I tried it and got the last one! I couldn't believe it. It arrived and I like it a lot, but its missing the auth card. Everything else is there, but no card... Should I keep it without a card or return it? Its not like I need the bag, but it seemed like a great deal and I don't have a GST. Pics below.
    gst1.jpg gst2.jpg gst3.jpg gst4.jpg
  2. i would keep it if you have no intention of re-selling...congratulations!
  3. LOve the color, how do you track one of those down?? :shame:
  4. I really love the bag and color on you. Have you tried calling Neiman Marcus catalog (or where ever you ordered the bag from) Maybe they have the card in their warehouse or perhaps they could track down another piece from a store.
  5. [​IMG]



    :drool::drool: Definitely a keeper! I love the bordeaux GST, it's so rare to find this color in any store now. I have this in black with silver h/w! It's a great bag:flowers:

    U look great on her, FAB:tup:
  6. oh it is soo beautiful.. the color is really pretty in your pictures. please keep it, afterall, you dont NEED the authenticity card..

    and congrats! last i saw on that thread was that all of the bordeaux had already sold out.
  7. Gorgeous!! I would def. keep it.
  8. Def keep her! You wear the bag so well and I just looove the bordeaux color!
  9. Wow!!! it's gorgeous and looks great on you. You should definitely keep it. It's such a rare find. By the way, your jeans ROCK ;) too.
  10. That looks gorgeous on you! I would definitely keep it.
  11. Great color and great price!
  12. Oh it's a beauty! Love that color...keep it!!
  13. Check to see if there's scratches on the side?
    My friend return one to NM online and she had been told it was the only one they had and when she received it there were wrinkles on the handles and scratches on the side and really looked a bit used to her.
    I'd hate for you to get that one.
  14. That is an AWESOME bag! Keep it! You'll be able to sell it later if you don't want it. It will authenticate fine!

  15. No scratches. The warehouse is trying to locate the auth card, but I doubt they'll find it. I wish there was a Neimans close to me, I'd just exchange it.:sad: