Bordeaux GST....Anyone seen one lately?

  1. Ladies, I am finally going to cave in and by my first Chanel. DH has already blessed the purchase.:smile:

    I am looking for a bordeaux GST, preferably at Saks. I just got their Saks First MC and will receive 10% off my entire purchases the first day I use it.

    Has anyone seen one lately? If so, could you tell me where and if you have the name of an SA who could assist me with my purchase. My preference would be to presale it for the ECG event in March.

    Thank you.
  2. I love the Bordeaux GST!
    Good luck with your search and congrats on gettting your first!
  3. My Saks had one last week. Call Delyse at 248-808-0712 and please tell her April referred you. Good luck!
  4. ^Oh thank you. I'll give her a call.
  5. Placed the order this morning. One bordeaux, with silver hardware coming my way.
  6. Unfortunately, they sold out of them at Saks :sad:so I didn't get one. If anyone else sees one, please let me know.
  7. i saw one at chanel @ nm in westchester mall, ny 2 wkends ago. could be worth a shot.
  8. Thank you I'll try calling them
  9. If you cannot find one now, for Fall Act I 08 CHANEL is releasing the GST in Burgundy, Gray, and Dark Brown with silver hardware.
  10. ^In burgundy. Oh my. That's my absolutely favorite color.
  11. ^^^I hope you were able to buy one from the link I provided. Keep us updated!

    Chanelboy, I saw a lookbook from another retailer and the GST was priced at $3295. Is that correct price for the next price increase??? INSANE!
  12. I was. It's on it's way here. :yahoo: Thank you!!!!

    I can't believe they could possibly increase the price that much.:wtf: