Bordeaux/Grenat and Indigo/Blueberry, etc.

  1. I know this has already been discussed - I only started a new thread because I couldn't find the best place to put this......and I don't think anyone has done an in-person comparison yet.

    I finally had the chance to see the new colors IRL and had to go back the next day carting my Bordeaux, Indigo and Navy/Cornflower to hold next to the new ones to compare. (Yes, the SA thought I was completely insane.......No, I don't particularly care.:smile:)

    Bordeaux and Grenat are probably the only two that I'd say are truly the same (to me, they're the new Navy/Cornflower: ones that you can only tell apart by zipper and thread color). Grenat maybe has a tiny bit more red in it, but not enough to make a difference - it's so subtle that they could just be different dye lots of the same color.

    But you'd never confuse Indigo with Blueberry in person. I was surprised to see that Blueberry does share the same tone as Indigo (and it's nothing like Navy/Cornflower), but Blueberry is a couple of shades darker than Indigo. So it's close, just not nearly as bright and vivid as Indigo. Bottom line - you'd be repeating yourself to own both, but you should still be able to tell them apart in photos.

    As for the other colors, Rouge Vif is gorgeous, but I really didn't care for the others at all. Sapin is okay if you're into dark, (really) dark Forest Green - Griege is okay if you're looking for the color of wet cement and I personally disliked Truffle a lot. (This was one I thought I'd love based on the swatches - it looked like a nice, medium brown.) But it's a very olive-brown - which sounds okay, but I didn't find it attractive or interesting in person at all. I like olive and I like brown, but this color looked dull and dead to me.

    Anyone see any new ones over the weekend?
  2. Style, thank you so much for the report! That definitely breaks it down. Maybe I'll head over to the mall this week and see if they have any new bbags, but to be honest - I'm not crazy about the new bags so I'm not in a rush.....
  3. Hey - I don't blame you. With your absolutely amazing collection of the most beautiful older colors and styles ever made, these pale in comparison. I just can't help checking out what's new though!:smile:
  4. ^ oh no, I didn't mean it like that -- I just really don't love any of the new colors (but maybe I will fall in love in person.... oh no..... maybe I shouldn't check them out :lol:) I wish I did (well, it's better that I don't right?) I want to see pics of what YOU got! Yay! :smile:
  5. Thanks for your candid and detailed report style101.
  6. Style, Thanks for the report! A question for you...was the leather on the grenat bag distinct from the bordeaux (thickness, matte/shine, etc.)?
  7. style thanks for the report...aarrrgghhh this season will really damage my CC bill!:roflmfao: :lol:
  8. style101 - thanks for the report!!! i'm only excitied about ONE colour this season... thats the blueberry!!! I think it will be only 1 b-bag this coming season!
  9. Excellent!
  10. style, thanks so much for the report!!! I rely on these to see which colors are truly worth having! :flowers:
    And hearing more opinions about the greige is great, as I am on the fence about that right now.
  11. Thanks for the report! I just saw th enew bags at HR in Vancouver this morning and I completely agree with your description of the blueberry. They didn't have any red, but I was a bit dissappointed with the leather in the other colors--still pretty veiny, although the black seemed to vary tremendously!
    How did you find the leather in the red??
  12. Actually, I saw 4 different styles in the Grenat and they all seemed not too far off from the Bordeaux I had with me. Maybe a little more veiny, but just as thick. The shine varied from bag to bag too - some were definitely more so than others. Shine and veins seem to go together this season - matte and less distressing/more thickness seem to go together as well.

    Gonna be another season of pick and choose.
    SA's are so going to hate us.:blink:
  13. The leather in the red seemed to be the best of the bunch. Definitely more matte and thicker - they only had a couple of small items in so it was hard to tell. Noticeably less distressing than the other colors though.......
  14. Makes me very happy with my rouge twiggy! I am tempted by a few other colors, but I want the leather to resemble that of my twiggy...
  15. Thanks so much for the informative post, Style! :biggrin: