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  1. it looks authentic to me.
  2. It's authentic and the seller WAS going to post a low BIN, but one person bid until the reserve was gone, and now she isn't adding a BIN.
  3. Yea I saw that, She had started the auction at $500 so I put it one bid. The BIN was $950. Now some bidder put in like 6 bids and the BIN is gone. I asked the seller a couple of questions and she was not very friendly. She just gave a one word answer "No" lol. So I responded and said "Thank you so much for your descriptive answer" lol. :smile:
  4. oh dear :shocked: :hrmm:
  5. wow, i'd stay far away from any seller who was rude & didn't want to answer my questions with more than a "yes" or "no" :sad:
  6. Yea it's kind of funny. She was rude at first but then I asked her another question and she was very friendly. Weird. :shame:
  7. Maybe she had to get her meds adjusted. Seriously, are you going for it?
  8. I don't see anything that's setting off my fake alarm, but I do wish there were more pics. I guess if she won't answer questions graciously, she's not about to send more pics upon request. I have this b'bag and I do love it--it's a great color.
  9. Maybe. lol :lol: I would like to. I will probably wait and see how high it goes. I have been wanting a Bordeaux.
  10. She was nice to me when I asked this morning!
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