bordeaux e/w, yay or nay?

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  2. LOVE Bourdeaux, but the E/W Flaps are too small for me.
  3. It's a very conservative color, in my opinion. Not really for me, but I can imagine it being fabulous on another woman!
  4. You were reading my mind. I was thinking and going to post the exact same thing.:yes:
  5. If you are looking for the E/W, then I cannot imagine a prettier color than Bordeaux! I really think it is lovely.
  6. I think its a pretty color and the bordeaux is very neutral. I have two east west bags and although they are small, they hold close to what the medium classic holds. Sometimes you just need a small bag. I've been using my red lambskin EW a lot these days. Its so easy to carry.
  7. That color is just gorgeous. I really wish I could get a classic flap in that color. Unfortunately, the East/West flaps are a bit small for me.
  8. I LOVE the bordeaux color!!!

    If you want a small bag, this is perfect! I like small bags for evening, so I have a few of them. You can choose another larger one for day! :nuts: (Sorry for being a bad influence!)
  9. nay, think it looks better in the reissue
  10. Aha! The elusive bordeaux color. I love the color and the bag.
  11. Bordeaux is one of the prettiest colors Chanel makes. I think it looks best on the reissue.
  12. ooooooo, i still can't make up my mind, mainly becuae i have never seen it irl...and having it shipped to toronto, i want to be 100%'s not like this color will be repeated, so if i miss the boat, i probably won't be able to find another one. HELP!!?!?!!!
  13. What is the absolute worst that would happen if you get it? You absolutely hate it and send it back. Better to see if it might be a fit, than have it be the "one that got away", imo.
  14. i'ts just alot of trouble, i've never sent a pkg ot the u.s., but i'd imagine it's probably quite, to avoid trouble and extra expense, i am agonizing over this decision
  15. yay yay yay!!!!!!!! :yes: