Bordeaux city makes the family complete! (pic included)

  1. Yesterday I got a gorgeous Bordeaux City (thanks ocgirl) and have satisfied all three cravings: A classic, smaller bag (06 black first... can't believe I almost sold this one), neutral/brown-toned bag (05 Carmel twiggy), and a deep rich red/jewel-toned bag, the smooshy new Bordeaux. I'm in :heart:! Don't they just look so happy together?!? :wlae:

    (I'm home with strep throat and these babies make me feel tons better than that cortisone shot I got :yucky:)
    family smaller.jpg
  2. can't seeeeeeeee PICTURES *_________________________*"
  3. Sorry, they were too big-- it's up now :yes:
  4. Tucker~ BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!:love: Great colors and the leather looks so buttery soft! Hope you feel better!!!!!!!!:yes: :heart: Great collection!!!!!!:heart:
  5. Congrats! They are all gorgeous!
  6. oooo wow.. congratsssssss!! soo beautiful!
  7. I love those colors together. Congrats!!
  8. wow, that bordeaux city is out of this world! love it, and the whole family. Congrats!
  9. Oh the grenat/bordeaux is lovely,

  10. It's gorgeous! I love that color. You have a perfect Balenciaga bag family of assorted and perfect colors & styles! Congratulations!
  11. LOVELY family!! Love all the colours and different styles together!

    I'm at home sick too... I've got the flu although at one point I thought I might have strep throat!

    Enjoy the bags - I see you're taking the opportunity of being at home to admire your lovely bbag family! I especially love your black first - the leather looks so buttery! :love:
  12. Looks like a perfect family picture of matching bbags.. very beautiful
  13. Oohhh!! I love happy family pictures!
  14. You have a wonderful collection! Congratulations on your new bag, bordeaux is such an amazing color.
  15. I especially LOVE :heart: :heart: your bordeaux !!!