bordeaux caviar color?

  1. any one has a picture of that color? or seen it irl? how does it look?
  2. no one? i looked in the reference library and saw the bordeaux in reissue but not in cavaiar...anyone's familiar w/ that color in cavaiar? i'm considering buying one in that! please, thanks.
  3. Is this the deep red that was available last fall? Last year I saw a medium classic flap in a deep/dark red caviar and thought the color was great, but a little dark for what I wanted. It's much, much deeper than the SS07 red or even the modern chain as I recall. I don't know if I have a pic at home but I will look tonight.

  4. is it remotely close to the color on the re-issue? i think it was last season's. i found it in the e/w classic flap.
    and also, does anyone know if e/w ever come in double strap? i keep seeing people's pic w/ e/w in double strap in the reference libary but as far as I've seen, i've only seen them in the single strap. someone please calrify. tks.
  5. ^^ I think the E/W was only single strap, but it will be double strap for the S/S2007 collection.:yes:
  6. oh, i didn't know that, tat's exicting...what colors are being released for 2007?
  7. Just the red and grey.
  8. red and grey? these are new grey more like silver grey? are they both in caviar? thansk in advance
  9. Bordeaux in Caviar would be wonderful.
  10. .

    have u seen it irl?
  11. The color of the medium classic flap I saw in the fall was like the one below (but this one is an older style). It might have even been a tiny bit darker.
    (This photo is from an eBay auction that I lost and I don't remember who the seller was, so if it belongs to someone here I apologize. I saved it because I liked it.)
  12. ^^^OH very pretty!
  13. I totally want that clutch in bordeaux!!!
  14. A clutch in that color would be TDF!!

    I have a pic of a red bag in the Outdoor Ligne reference sub-forum. The tag said Bordeaux. But the Ourdoor Ligne is "distressed" caviar.
  15. thanks for posting the pic! you ladies are always so helpful