Bordeaux Box on Craigslist

  1. Just FYI ... if anyone would like a Bordeaux Box, there is one available on Craigslist:

    I corresponded w/the seller and she will send more photos on request. She sent me a pic of the bales and they looked good. It's a good deal at $700!!! I just decided against it because I really want a City.
  2. OMG :nuts: now we're listing balenciagas on craigslist? Not a bad idea since it's free! And uh oh, she lives so close to me LOL
  3. Yeah, I was really surprised to see that ... !!! :smile:
  4. that's so funny! i'd never think of looking on craigslist for handbags!
  5. So you girls thinking this is authentic? Here is a better pic from the seller. I really want it, but want to make sure it's real. Thanks!
  6. I just sold a Bordeaux Box, and it looks good to me! Also, I just sold a Coach bag on Craigslist. And it was really easy. Although I would say that generally the prices you can expect to sell for are less than Ebay, but minus the fees, as well!
    From a buyer's standpoint, you can't beat that price, also. Beauty is, you can actually see the bag before you buy.
  7. Oh, and re. Craigslist: I ALWAYS check. Even though I've never found one that was authentic...yet! But this gives me new hope.
  8. Thanks Bbagbubba. I'm a little nervous because it'll be shipped to me instead of me picking it up in person. :smile: Not that Ebay would be much help if it's a fake anyway. Lol.
  9. I think if you do the usual 'due diligence' questioning of the seller, and pay with paypal and a credit card, you can give yourself a buffer zone of protection. It's always a risk, to some degree, anytime you don't buy something in person. I've had great luck with buying and selling via craigslist, and Ebay, for that matter.
  10. that's an awesome deal if it's real!
  11. Pay by credit card for sure, whether or not you use paypal. I think you should give yourself as much protection as possible since you are basically trusting this person to actually ship this bag to you. There seems to be a problem with shipping bordeaux box balenciagas from the post office in SF...
  12. I would not trust Craigslist or anything on it. I've tried to both buy/sell on craigslist... recently listed a few things and kept getting interested buyers ... and they'd send along this really weird fake money order thing.

    I found this all really odd because my boyfriend always lists stuff on craigslist! and has never had a problem

    Craigslist is meant to have a meeting set up so you can see the item before you buy... so shipping stuff always seems suspicious when it comes to Craigslist.

    Be really wary, girls.
  13. Ocgirl - please do something to protect yourself on your end, as others have advised. Could you do it C.O.D.?
  14. Thanks for your concern. I'll be paying her by paypal funded by credit card, so if it's not authentic, I can do a chargeback if need be. :smile: You guys are so sweet! I love this forum!
  15. That is excellent!! High five!!! yay!! :smile: