Bordeaux Blake is it too late????

  1. I want the Bordeux Blake to be my first MJ bag. I have the ZC and the key/coin purse to match. I missed one on Shopbop and have been searching high and low. Does anyone have any ideas. There is one in eBay for BIN @ $749 but that is a bit too much for me right now. Any sightings at a better price????? Why didn't I get it earlier:sad:
  2. I am in the same boat. Unfortunately, no luck for me just yet...I truly regret not grabbing one when it was available at such a great price :crybaby:Best of luck and hope you find one!!!
  3. i third that motion! :yes:
  4. Hopefully something will turn up. This is really starting to be an obsession!!! Must have Bordeaux Blake! Must have Bordeaux Blake!!!:drool:
  5. ITA!!! :yes: I feel like I want it more now that I cant find it!~ :p Didnt want it AS bad when I saw it at Bloomies for 30% off in November... :rolleyes:
  6. ^ OMG yes, it is an obsession for me. Unfortunately, I've called different Nordstrom stores (even if they have the same computer system, I figured, they might have random returns) and Bloomies and NOTHING...

    I hope we all get our wish one of these days. I will certainly be on the lookout so I will share any info I find!!!
  7. Thanks I will do the same. I guess I am going to start stalking all the Nordstroms Racks. That is really a hit and miss.
  8. ^^ Me 3! Ladies we gotta band together to get what we want! ;) will keep u gals posted! Cali-which Nordie Racks are near u? I have never seen any MJs at the South Coast one, and havent been to the Brea one lately...Also, Xi- I was recently at the Rack in SF near Potrero, with no luck...
  9. I work near the one in Long Beach and live near the one in LAX
  10. I was just at the NR in Dulles, VA - and there was no MJ. Just fyi :smile:
  11. i'm not sure if the saks markdowns still apply, but there was one available at the saks bal harbor down in florida. good luck!
  12. very hard to find but they do pop up on returns sometimes!! If I were you girls I would bookmark all the site pages and just check 'em a lot!
  13. my friend got the bordeaux blake on shopbop yesterday. she is still undecided on whether to keep it. if she doesn't care for it i will let her know that alot of TPFers want it!
  14. Called the Saks in Bal Harbour FL. no luck. The hunt continues!!!