Bordeaux & Black Cherry ~ How similar are they?

  1. I have the gathered lindsey in bordeaux & I've fallen in love with the legacy colour black cherry. Do you think they are to similar? Does anyone have both to do a comparison pic? Thoughts?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. The DD's look very different.



    Is the DD of BC true to life?

    Oh, to hell with it! I'll probably get it anyway!!!

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  3. I have a bordeaux Hailey and a black cherry duffle, they seem pretty close but I haven't put side by side, the black IRL is much darker. I'll try to take some comparison pics when I get hone tonight.
  4. :ty: my friend!!!!

  5. I have seen both this weekend (went to Coach with a friend). My friend had the bordeaux Hailey with her, and we saw the BC duffle. The bordeaux has more sheen and is more of a jewel tone, whereas the BC looked a bit more matte. If they were paint colors I would call the Black Cherry an eggshell with more black added to it. LOL.
  6. Thanks for your input!!! :biggrin: similar tone/ colour....different finish?
  7. Okay, I took some pics of my black cherry Duffle with my bordeaux Hailey. Sorry for the iphone pics, my daughter has my camera.

    The black cherry is lighter and more red, less purple, than the bordeaux. In the pics it looks even more red because of the flash, and the bordeaux came out looking a bit darker than it is. Anyway, hope this helps, the black cherry is a really nice pretty neutral color.
    image-131194077.jpg image-3268479359.jpg image-683516822.jpg
  8. These are perfect! Thank you so much for taking pics! I want that exact bag in bc! It's stunning!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! :biggrin: