Bordeaux and Dolma Green Cities

  1. NICE finds!!! The Dolma is already on hold! :wtf:
  2. wow, great deals!
    although, that can't be a bordeaux if it's from spring 2006??
  3. I can't believe that the Dolma is already on hold!!! It's gorgeous!:yahoo:
  4. i think thats the city in rouge 05
  5. darn! i really wanted the dolma...but alas, i was too late.:yucky: :censor:
  6. DAMN! I swear- everytime I pop off of this forum... I miss something I really want in my price range! *kicks self*

    so ladies- who got the Dolma? fess up! I wanna know your address so I can tackle the FedEx guy before he gets to your house! :lol:
  7. I am always amazed at how fast the stuff flies off her site...every time I get excited about a bag, it's already gone by the time I hit 'refresh'!:Push:
  8. :angel: he he
  9. Perc, congrats!!!!!
  10. Thanx! I'm so excited!!:yahoo: The seller is such a sweetheart too:heart:
  11. ooh percephonie!!! congrats :girlsigh:
  12. Here's a tip ... she is about to list a Teal Messenger Bag (maybe she means Courier? not sure).
  13. Damn I missed the Dolma too! Courier is on my wish list though! Thanks for sharing!!!
  14. Hi Bridget S! :P :flowers: