Borbonese Bag

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  2. I know nothing about these bags, sure is cute! :nuts:
  3. aww its s cute and functional!
  4. Oooh! Nope I've never heard of the brand but it sure is cute.
  5. Yes, I love it, and you can adjust it via the snaps on the bottom depending if you want a slouchy look :nuts: !!

    Still no one out there that knows this brand???

    The description sounds like it is good quality

    "Material: Kidskin and Italian Calf Leather
    It's a combination between two domestic leathers: kidskin (Soft and lightweight with very elastic properties)and Italian calf leather which is a high quality, full grain leather that is very soft and resistant. It has a smooth finish and is an exceptional example of the quality tanning process used in Italy. "

    But I would love some confirmation.

    Thanks girls..
  6. Hi! Yes, I know Borbonese and own some of their luggage.

    They are a GREAT brand with a long history. Originally, they started making luggage in the late 1800's, but have recently branched out to include RTW and handbags. They are currently designed by Allessandro Dell'acqua, who is more famous for his own label.

    The quality is very nice, at least on par with any other major brand... perhaps even a little nicer given the items are made in smaller quantities. Therefore, they have a more "handmade" feel to them.

    So, good choice!

  7. Thanks John!!

    I always know that there is a PF member out there who can help ; )
  8. sorry i'm late but yes, borbonese makes quality bags, like bottega veneta, although they are less known.
  9. wowo, i didn't know alessandro designed the bags! he is a great designer:love:
  10. Yes, I believe he's been the creative director there since 2001 or so. Around that time, there was a big push to "revitalize" the brand, much as was done with Bottega Veneta, LV, etc... turning dusty old brands into new, chic ones, so he was hired to design the RTW and the accessories.

    Since Borbonese is a much smaller company than these others, it isn't as famous (nor is it owned by one of the big Supergroups) so it is still one of those secret sort of brands that very few people know but that is still highly respected. Something like Goyard or Valextra.

  11. yes, it is a very respectful bradn and does amazing bags.
  12. Well, what did you decide? Did you get the Borbonese bag?