Borat's True Love !

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  1. [​IMG]:love:
    “I love him,” Wedding Crashers actress Isla Fisher gushes to Us Weekly of her fiancé, Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen.
    “He always makes me laugh. He’s the funniest guy in the world!” But when it comes to their upcoming nuptials, they are so serious, says a source close to the comedian, 35, they’ve waited to wed until Fisher, 30, completed her study of Judaism and fully converted to Cohen’s religion.
    A source close to the couple confirms the conversion was completed, and another pal tells Us, “They will get married soon.” Fisher, who is currently shooting the comedy Definitely, Maybe, “has studied Hebrew and learned to cook traditional recipes,” adds the friend.

    I think she is adorable
  2. LOVE her! She was a hoot in Wedding Crashers!
  3. He's hot. :nuts:
  4. They are SO CUTE!!!
  5. I loved watching him as Ali G!
  6. they nice! i like!
  7. theyve been dating for AGES
  8. They're too cute:smile:
  9. I think they look cute and very happy together. I wish them all the best!
  10. She's very cute, they are a cute couple! I didn't know he was jewish, so that makes it even more shocking when he sang "throw the jew down the well' or whatever it was in that redneck bar!

  11. ahaha I laughed so hard at that episode
  12. That was a brilliant skit!! :yes:
  13. What really made it were all the toothless people singing along!:rolleyes:
  14. I loved her in the Wedding Crashers too!! They're a cute couple!
  15. She's so pretty. Him :yucky: .
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