Borat's Kazakhstan Website Yanked


Sep 13, 2005
For those of you not familiar with Da Ali G show this won't make sense, but I think it's hysterical.


"Da Ali G Show" star Sacha Baron Cohen has pushed Kazakhstan too far.
The comedian, whose alter ego Borat is a sexist and crass Kazakh reporter, has angered the country enough to have his Borat website taken down, report news sources.

Cohen first developed his character Borat, among other characters, on "Da Ali G Show." Borat is portrayed as an oversexed reporter who speaks broken English, makes lascivious comments and often crosses the line politically. In November, Cohen hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon in character and talked about shooting dogs for recreation and claimed that his wife couldn't leave Kazakhstan since she's female.

The country's authorities threatened to sue Cohen, to which Borat responded on his website,, "I have no connection to Mr. Cohen and fully support my government's position to sue this Jew.
On the site he also added, "Please, captain of industry, I invite you to come to Kazakhstan, where we have incredible natural resources, hard working labor and some of the cleanest prostitutes in all of Central Asia."

You can read more at the above link.

I'm actually surprised that the web site lasted as long as it did. Since it was on the Kazakhstan domain, they should be allowed to take it down. Of course, in the USA you can put anything that you want on a web site that badmouths America (and many do).

I love Borat! But the main point of his humor is to make fun of his fictional homeland. For most people, Borat is all they will see or hear of Kazakhstan, so he can be misleading. I don't blame them for speaking up about it.
i love borat, i think he's hilarious. those people should get a grip. better have some people think all people in kazakhstan are sexist than living in a country that is known for nothing but schwarzenegger and hitler.