1. Who saw it ?? I heard it´s also big in US, our friends couldn´t get in a cinema !
    I sooo didn´t want to waste my money on it but I went to please the BF.....and guess what ?? I had a really good time !!
    Some dirty moments, appart from that I was laughing so much !!
    It´s the kind of controversial movie you love or hate. Love if you understand the 2nd degree humour, accept the humour caricaturing some cultures, and hate if not.
    It´s quite harsh sometimes, but it´s all comedy !:roflmfao:

    my bf loves BORAT!! LOVES!! hahah its not here till the 15th of NOV and he will be going ont hat day
  3. OMG!!! Borat is my favorite character of Da Ali G show!!! I am DYING to see the movie!!!:lol:
  4. I saw this opening night.. ridiculously funny, but also ridiculously offensive !

    I went with someone who's Jewish to watch it and I thought he'd have a blood clot.. but luckily there was enough humor in there otherwise to make it still funny ~
  5. I think all the jokes were meant to be good fun :yes: (considering that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish himself).
  6. ^ Yep. I forgot his name and at the credits I was like WTF :wacko: But the movie was hilarious and wrong on soooo many levels. Vlad loved it too!
  7. I never heard of that man until he was on Regis and Kelly. The movie seemed funny, but I probably won't see it until it comes out on DVD.
  8. I watched it last night, its been sold out since it came out!!
    It was funny, however, I wouldnt waste my $10 on it again!
  9. Was there alot of sexual content to this? My teenagers want to see it?
  10. I'm going to see it next week probably. BF saw it already. I think he liked it.
  11. OMG I knew it was Ali G! I have never seen him outside of his Ali G rags except for once when my b/f showed me him in regular clothes.
    Anyways, I was a bit confused b/c I knew this dude looked familiar and thought "isn't that Ali G?" The mustache kinda threw me off.

    I love Ali G! My b/f introduced me to his show and he was shocked to learn that I'd never heard of him or his show. I was hesitant at first cuz I thought oh goodness, this white dude speaking "black" :lol: But I watched the show with my b/f and laughed so much I was hooked :biggrin:

    I cannot wait till I go back home to watch it! It's out since Thurs back home but I do not go to the movies the first day it's released. I hate the crowd b/c it always means you cannot enjoy the movie b/c some idiot sitting next to you have to talk during the movies :lol:

    (sigh) I know my b/f would have loved to see this movie :sad: :crybaby:
  12. i saw it on friday with my SO and some friends. it was crazy the 10:30 show was completely sold out, but the theater added another show at 11:30. everyone in line were so uncivilized, rushing towards the ticket handler and a couple of fights almost occured. but once we got inside i enjoyed myself, the movie had its moments, some were really disgusting though. and i especially can't wait until the movie about bruno comes out, i heard the bidding war for it is up to 50 million!!!
  13. I cant wait to see it...this guy kills me!!! Love his sick humor.
  14. Ehhh his jokes are CRASS. Also- there is nudity... but it is not sexual in nature?! But gross... Jackass like. It is pretty bad jokes, by bad- I mean funny at times- but very over the top.
  15. It was sold out the two showings we tried to catch it...grr! We'll try again next weekend.
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