Boozed-up Lindsay In Tirade

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  1. BOOZED-UP LINDSAY IN TIRADE - New York Post Online Edition: Seven
  2. typical lindsay. im so tired of her! glad to see that everyone else in hollywood is too! lol...
  3. "watchful eye of her hard-partying mom-ager. . "

    Isn't that phrase an oxymoron? :P
  4. That was the one that pretty much did it for me. Much can be written off to being a young person with more money than the entire nation of Lichtenstein and less sense than God gave a goat, but - OK no rant. Let's just say she is fair game now. :P
  5. :wacko: What a mess.
  6. :noggin:
  7. Wow, Lohan seems so much more pathetic and desperate than I thought... :shrugs:
  8. missing old lilo
  9. :Push:
  10. I am really getting tired of Lindsay, she is just a mess.
  11. what a waste, she's young and so pretty.
  12. I hope Lindsay gets her act together before its to late!
  13. ugh can't stand lindsay!
  14. "Dina did a lousy job of reining in her daughter, and it looked like she just used Lindsay to get into the party in the first place."

    LMAO! I always thought she was pimping her daughters
  15. I really can't stand Lindsey - she should be so thankful she even gets jobs with her attitude. And to say what she did about her former assistant - she's classless.