BOOTS: What style is better?

  1. I have my eyes on two pairs of boots: one being ankle boots and one is mid-calf. I like them both but what boot height should I go for? What is more versatile? Which height should I get the most use out of? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. I think mid calf. do you have pictures?
  3. I would say it depends on the shape of your legs too....I find calf boots hard to wear as my calves are not that thin
  4. i have both but prefer the mid calve boots better, they're very versatile imo.
  5. I generally prefer mid-calf boots on me. :yes:
  6. It depends. Mid calf boots only look good on skinny calves.
  7. I think the mid calf is a more classic style. The ankle boots IMO are trendy. Therefore, I think the mid calf is a better investment.
  8. I love midcalf boots and would definitely choose them. They're way more versatile than ankle boots to me.
  9. I prefer mid-calf. I usually go for 2" height for boots that I plan to walk a lot in :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone! I'll go for mid-calf then. I do have skinny calves therefore I think it'll be okay. I have a lot of difficulties buying a good pair of knee boots that would fit me right.